In 2007, an American Falls man who was living in Boise disappeared under very suspicious circumstances. The case has been featured in a true crime episode on the Investigation Discovery Network. Someone out there knows what happened.

On February 11, 2007, an Idaho man who was working as a roofer for a family business was supposed to be headed to a friend's home to chat about an upcoming hunting trip. Aside from a couple of unanswered calls placed from his cell phone the day he went missing, he hasn't made contact with friends or family since.

Jeramy Burt was 33-years-old when he vanished. An episode titled, "Doomed Romance," which originally debuted in March of 2017 on the ID streaming channel, is currently available to view. It is episode 12 of season 2, of a series called "Disappeared."

Three months after Burt went missing, the car he is expected to have been either driving or transported in was found torched in the Bruneau Desert. No promising clues were found at the scene. Detectives in Boise are still asking for assistance in solving the case.

Burt has a daughter who was very young when he disappeared. In the evening hours of February 11, 2007, after Burt reportedly went missing, several text messages were sent from his phone that his family believes could have been created by another individual.

Burt is a proud father, and a huge outdoor enthusiast. His family still has no answers. If you know what happened to Jeramy Burt, please contact the Boise Police Department, at 208-570-6000. You can remain anonymous if you wish.

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