As I was driving home from Fred Meyer on Saturday, I passed the property on Polk Street in Twin Falls that normally hosts one of the city's most popular Christmas displays. The framing and materials visible on the rooftop of the home is a promising sign that despite the pandemic, we can most likely look forward to a beloved, annual event.

The Polk Street Candy Cane House has been delighting a large number of the Twin Falls population for many years. The first time I sat in a car across the street from the home was in December of 2006, which was about nine months after my wife and I started dating. She went to high school in Twin Falls, and her family has roots both in the Magic Valley and Bay Area of California.

I remember thinking, this is certainly different, as we didn't have too many homes that went to such an extent to entertain the masses during the holidays where I grew up. My wife's family had made a tradition of watching the light show from the Polk Street dwelling.

It was about this time last year that we received confirmation the Candy Cane House was going to be making a return after taking the previous holiday off. It's nice to know that in a year that has seen many kids being forced to quarantine due to the virus, families will likely get to gather together safely in their cars and take in the show.

We wish the owner of the home good luck this year. If tradition continues, we can expect the Candy Cane House to light up for its first time closer to Thanksgiving, or shortly afterwards.

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