If you're a nerd, you live in the perfect part of the country. 3 cities near Idaho have just been ranked among the geekiest cities in America.

Travel and Leisure decided to break down which cities have embraced their inner Sheldon. (Obscure Big Bang Theory reference) Salt Lake City came in at #11. Record attendance at Comic-Con there a few years ago and some anime festivals won them this honor.

Seattle jumped all the way up the Travel and Leisure list to #4. Having one of the country's oldest comic book stores just screams "Nerds!".

Portland ranked the highest among Pacific Northwest cities landing at #3. They mentioned something about a guy who travels around town dressed like Darth Vader. Alrighty, then.

I would poke fun at all of this nerdy stuff, but my keyboard has colored lights that can be made to look like they're breathing. So, I'll just shut up for once.

Check out the full Travel and Leisure list to find out about the rest of the geek kingdom that much of our country has become.

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