During the pandemic, I didn't play as many video games as I initially thought I would. 2020 was my first pandemic (I know, surprise) and I thought it would be a lot more post-apocalyptic and less normal.  But recently I was playing an old game on my Nintendo 64 and I noticed something interesting.

Which Video Games Include Twin Falls Gameplay

Twin Falls is the home base for the bad guys in Rainbow Six on the N64. I played the game when I was a teenager, but at that time I lived in Utah and didn't think anything of it. I've been making time to play video games more lately, and I still think it would be awesome to play some video games on a big screen at the Magic Valley Cinema 13. Until then, let's talk about Twin Falls being used in quite a few video games and how in most of them our town gets destroyed.

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Twin Falls seems like an odd choice for a video game as most take place in larger cities or fake cities. Some games claim they take place in Twin Falls but during gameplay, the location is mostly unrecognizable. There are five video games claiming to take place in Twin Falls, and we've actually written about a few of them before. Check out the list below along with videos for reference.

Twin Falls In Video Games

Rainbow Six is based on a story by Tom Clancy and Twin Falls is the home base for the bad guys in one of the later missions.

Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard brings the bad guys back to Southern Idaho for more fighting and destruction during one of their missions.

Resistance 2 has you fighting aliens in Twin Falls. Originally the game battles happened in the UK but resistance 2 brought the battle to our backyard, though I don';t know you would be able to recognize your yard in the game.

In American Truck Driving Simulator you drive through the streets of Twin Falls. But this game is weird because it only kind of looks like Twin Falls so you are constantly seeing recognizable scenes and then questioning what you saw.

Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you fly in and out of different airport locations. One Youtube video shows the virtual flight, and sketchy landing, from Salt Lake City to Twin Falls.

SimCity 2000 claims to be based in Idaho...but really it could be based anywhere as you build the location yourself. So I don't count it on the list, but you can if you feel like it.

Twin Falls Featured In Video Games

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