I'm not really a carnival guy.

She loves Skee-Ball. Me too! I wish I had a machine at home.

When I was a kid, there were some rides I waited for every year.  As for the games, my parents thought they were a waste of time and rigged.  Over the years, inspections have removed most of the rigging threats and my daughter liked the games more than the rides.  She was buzzing around a computer at 3 and editing videos at age twelve.  She's from the first really technologically savvy generation and, yet she loves Skee-Ball.  Me too!  I wish I had a machine at home.

This morning, I saw a story about how Skee-Ball has endured from the days when many Americans were still traveling by horse and buggy.  I look forward to this year's round of fairs and a few rounds of the game.

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