Your daily paper ignored the story.  Same for local TV.  The question for the people who work at those places; what don’t you want people to know?

a bill outlawing abortion in Idaho.  With no exceptions.

There were more than 400 people at Eastside Baptist Church.  The overflow watched a TV monitor outside and under an awning to stay cool.  More than 100 watched live via stream.  Big crowds are big news.  I once hosted a book signing for Laura Ingraham in Syracuse, New York.  There were 400 people at the event.  The previous week she had pulled only a fraction of that number while in Houston.

People here came from Boise and Pocatello.  Mountain Home and Rupert.  They’re dialed in to saving the lives of babies.  Two State Legislators, John Green and Heather Scott plan to again introduce a bill outlawing abortion in Idaho.  With no exceptions.  They, along with Scott Herndon, did an informational presentation on the bill.

Next week the liberal group that brought us Medicaid expansion comes to Twin Falls for a town hall meeting.  The crowd won’t be nearly as large.  Do you believe the news media will fall all over its fellow travelers?  How many Republican legislators who avoided the church will pay homage to the liberals?

You can see pictures from the pro-life meeting at this link.

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