First, how do you measure rudeness?  With a yardstick?  I believe most of these online rankings are just eye candy.  You click on to see if your hometown made the list, and then you also see the advertising.  The ultimate point.  The site then receives numerous views and the advertiser issues a check.

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It's not like the writer(s) have ever been to Rupert.  It’s not immediately off the Interstate, and it’s nowhere near Boise, Sun Valley or Coeur d’Alene.  The only places in Idaho most outsiders ever visit.

Maybe someone had a bad encounter buying gas in Rupert and whined on Yelp.  Some intern sweating in a crowded coastal office was thumbing through reviews and on deadline.  Rupert suddenly becomes the rudest place in our state.

I had a rude encounter buying gas.  In Sublett.  Back in 2014.  I didn’t walk away thinking everyone living there was a jerk.  I’m not saying we don’t have our share of prickly personalities.  I went to buy a motor for my car heater a few months ago, and the fellow behind the counter had all the personality of a turnip.  But you just don’t know.  Maybe that morning, before he left for work, his wife told him she was leaving and going on the road with his best friend.

As for Rupert, I’ve always been treated exceptionally well when I’ve been there.  Though, I’m not from Burley and that could change everything.  From what I gather, on one side of the river, you would be better off saying you’re from San Francisco!

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