There’s a view among members of legacy media that Trump voters are dummies.  Imagine elites dripping with condescension and convinced they can read your mind!

Henry Olsen is a columnist for Pravda-on-the-Potomac.  Sometimes known as the Washington Post.  He’s what liberals consider an acceptable conservative.  In other words, slightly right-of-center and having long ago raised the white flag on cultural issues.

Is a Trump Endorsement Like Striking Gold?

He’s written a piece where he claims five state races in 2022 will display the level of influence Trump still has among rank-and-file Republicans.  As if we are waiting for instructions from our master!  Trump has endorsed candidates in scores of political campaigns and the results have been a mixed bag.  In Georgia, he endorsed candidates who were ideologically in tune with the former President but weren’t very good at pressing the flesh.   In Alabama, his choice for United States Senate defeated a popular and former Senator.

Trump Endorsed Janice McGeachin

Olsen lists the Idaho Republican primary for Governor as one of the bellwethers next year.  Mr. Trump endorsed Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin over incumbent Brad Little (who hasn’t officially announced plans for next year).  Trump likes both candidates.

This isn’t an endorsement but with the available money Little has available, it’s a better determiner of outcome than an endorsement.

Olsen isn’t on the ground in any state he lists.  There are politicians from other states I see on TV and think are great.  Then I’ll talk with someone in that state and get an entirely different take.  Mr. Trump doesn’t always have a local vibe at his fingertips.

Endorsements are for Fundraising

I voted for Trump in 2016 because his name wasn’t Hillary. I voted for him in 2020 because he governed better than any President since Ronald Reagan.  It wasn’t his use of mind control.  Oh, and like me, the man loves his country.  Can’t say that at all about the people driving policy among Democrats.

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