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She may not have had success with gun confiscation, however.  New Zealand’s Prime Minister is being praised for greatly reducing coronavirus cases.  By Pravda-on-the-Potomac, sometimes known as the Washington Post.  You can read more by clicking on this link

The success may hinge on something with which our own media went into meltdown.

The story details a very severe lockdown of the country.  Outdoor activities are limited to your own neighborhood, where you can walk or bike but not fraternize.  You can’t go hunting alone in the bush.  You can’t go alone to a beach and go swimming, although.  The success may hinge on something with which our own media went into meltdown.

When President Trump placed travel restrictions on foreign countries, he was called a xenophobe and a racist.  It probably helped limit the spread of the virus, even though that horse had already raced out the barn door.

In New Zealand, the P.M. ordered a total ban on incoming flights of foreigners.  She did this in mid-March.  The Post is praising her decision.  Apparently, as a woman and a gun grabber, she’s not xenophobic.

The country is also reasonably small.  With a population under 5 million.  We’ve got several cities with more people densely packed.  Try imposing such draconian restrictions on 330 million Americans and we’d see nullification and civil disobedience on steroids.

U.S. law enforcement clearly wouldn’t have the manpower to enforce such restrictions.

I don’t know much about the culture of New Zealand but I do know unlike where I live, it’s an English speaking country that wasn’t birthed in revolution.

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