I’m a conservative but I really don’t care what you do with your personal time and in your personal life.  Of all the claims that conservatives engage in stereotypes, I hear just as much coming from the mouths of liberals.  As part of what’s called Pride Month, there is an event scheduled at City Park in Twin Falls.  It will feature a number of men dressed as women.  On Halloween, nobody would give this a second look.  Even in a public setting.

Public places are, in my opinion, the key here.  City Park is a popular place for kids in the neighborhood and the ring around the block is increasingly being filled with family housing.  What do you want your children to see?  I realize people sponsoring the event can reply that if you don’t like it, then don’t look.  The problem is that a lot of people can’t avoid Shoshone Street if they’re out on family errands.  People living with a view of the park shouldn’t have to close their drapes on a beautiful spring day.

Couldn’t a local restaurant or club host this event?  A more private setting could also allow participants to let their hair down.  After some complaints a few years ago, some of the attendees pledged to clean up the image.

Thirty years ago, I worked for a TV station and covered a Pride parade.  There were guys marching on public streets in nothing more than G-strings.  Then they caught the public relations bug and future parades became more like family events.  We need to note that not all members of the LGBTQ community are liberals.  Some of my most conservative friends are of that persuasion and they were at the forefront of toning down the shock value of events.  They want to make a point that they’re like everybody else in the sense that they have jobs and own homes.

By the way, a lesbian I knew when I lived back east would listen to my radio show and one day I was being cautious on-air about a similar topic.  She emailed me and said she appreciated a good joke whether it was about straight people or LGBTQ.  So, I’m sharing the video below from the satirical Babylon Bee.

Oh, and one of my former coworkers was a lesbian.  She hosted a conservative political talk show.  One morning a story broke about a local school superintendent being arrested along with a girlfriend.  The pair had been having relations in an open area of a state park.  The host bellowed on-air, “Get a room!”

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