I was among the founders of the Tea Party movement.  One liberal writer featured me in a book during that era.  He gave me better treatment than many of the other people profiled.

At the time, my friends and I in Liberty believed we were on the cusp of a new rebirth of founding values.  It didn’t come to fruition in short order and after the 2012 Election, many of our compatriots walked away from politics.

That changed with the arrival of Donald Trump four years later.  Trump has empowered what was once labeled the Silent Majority.  We’re still at work on restoring the founding vision, but we’re seeing more victories and at a steady clip.

In Idaho, a new wave of freedom caucus candidates scored major victories in last month’s primary.  Many of them recently gathered for a garden party in Elmore County.  Every two years, their numbers grow.  The change process is often slow, but the arc of history continues.

If you’re looking for a story that truly underscores where people are, several friends across the country have been writing me about the Idaho bar that declared Heterosexual Awareness Month.  Liberals are losing their heads because a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign resonates with normal people, who remain the majority.  You would think by the reaction of leftist banshees that the LGBTQ are being hunted in the streets.

Look, we don’t care what you do in your personal life, but we aren’t required to pat you on the head, or join in your fun.  Woke has reached its high water mark and is receding.  Maybe it will give other political leaders the courage to get on board with the direction of the wind.

I saw a post on social media.  The tavern was packed on Monday—usually a slow day in the bar business.

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