There are some well-meaning and witless people in politics.  There are some intelligent and scheming people in politics.  These factions appear our new competing political parties.  Idaho Republicans seem to have few people who combine the best of both categories.  They can’t bring forth a bill addressing the most pressing issue of the epoch, protecting innocent and unborn children.  They also can’t end the uncivilized practice of marrying off older kids.Last week a Republican told me barring minors from marrying before 15 interferes with parental rights.  Is this Afghanistan?  For the record, the Representative would be concerned if Muslims in Idaho arranged marriages for 10-year-old girls to older men.  Some parents apparently have more rights than other parents.

We set age for the majority because we’re aware some young people don’t have the maturity to make adult decisions (it applies to some politicians, I guess) and yet would approve “honor” marriages.  As for the parental right, most Republicans would suggest a baby in a womb has rights and push back against, “It’s my body and my choice.”  Apparently, once you’re actually born you lose individual rights and are just chattel.  Why not give an honest answer.  You’ve got some people in your district on the margins and you want their votes.

I spent some time Friday delving into a bill proposing legalized hemp.  The issue for law enforcement is separating the rope from the dope.  If police ignore the latter, they’ll take some serious flak and, yet.  The bill doesn’t specify how the state will pay for a testing system.  Late Friday I read where legislators found a six-figure number to get the process rolling.  There must be a printing press in the basement.

Media coverage of this legislative session is as usual.  Liberals are good.  Republicans are mean (unless they co-sponsor bills with Democrats).

When leftists show up and dance on the steps in costume it’s called art and street theater.  When conservative/libertarian lobbies arrive in costume it’s frightening.  Witness the fellows in prison orange who last Thursday had a picture taken with Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.  The two men, flanking her, gave the sign for three percent Idahoans.  Liberals initially called it a gang symbol and later media amended the story:  It’s not a gang symbol but these people are dangerous, doncha know?  And McGeachin endorses danger because she made a heart sign with her hands.

We can prattle on all we want about the media double standard, but it doesn’t change the narrative the public receives.  Anything right of Democrat is frightening, mean-spirited and amoral.  Yes, media is unfair.  It’s baked into the cake.  We’ve got to be especially careful in tailoring messages for public consumption.  Let me also say I just roll my eyes when I see liberal street theater.  Let’s drop the Halloween costumes.

As for the Lt. Governor, the opposition is storing these pictures.  Have you seen the studies about how the brain interprets images?  Or more simply, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Three years from now the photograph will resurface without context.

The woman won a five-way primary.  In 2022 it’s likely again she’ll face a challenge within the party.  A two-way battle is another matter.  The image will be on mailings, TV, and Internet.

Was the picture a sign of support for a righteous cause?  Will it matter?

One thing I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is a unified front from Idaho Democrats.  Someone is well-managing party discipline.  The party made gains in November.  An aberration or a sign of things to come?  Let’s get our act together.  Learn to play nicely with other Republicans and be consistent on matters of life and liberty and whatever you do, stay away from Halloween costumes!

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