As you start your back to school shopping, here's a reminder about the Twin Falls School District dress code. 

You can find the code listed at the Twin Falls School District website. We have it posted below, for your convenience.

  • Shirts must have a modest neckline (no cleavage) and be long enough to cover the midriff (front and back). No spaghetti straps, tank tops, tube, off-the-shoulder, halter tops, or muscle shirts will be allowed. No backless, strapless, or half tops are to be worn.
  • Clothes must conceal undergarments (boxers, thongs, undergarment straps, etc.) at all times. No see-through, excessively tight, or revealing attire is permitted.
  • Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh in length.
  • Pants must be worn at hip-level or higher (no excessive bagging or sagging).
  • No pajamas, slippers, or sleepwear of any kind is allowed.
  • Hats or head coverings (including sunglasses) of any kind are not allowed.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Clothing, accessories, and visible tattoos with words/pictures that allude to any of the following are prohibited:  drug usage, including alcohol and tobacco, controlled substances of any kind, drug paraphernalia, gangs, violence, hate groups, racial separation, sexually explicit, lewd, indecent, or offensive material; or illegal acts.
  • Visible body piercing or magnetic/glued jewelry on face, eyes, arms, hands, tongue, and feet is prohibited. Earrings and nose studs are allowed. Spikes, chains, wallet chains, studs, bolts, dog collars, needles, pins, sharp objects, or other jewelry deemed unsafe is not allowed at school.
  • Excessive or extreme make-up is not allowed.
  • There may be exclusions to the dress code policy for religious or health reasons.Magic Valley High School Exception: small facial piercings that do not distract from the learning process are allowed. - Twin Falls School District.