This is how local government has so many advantages over its state and federal counterparts.  It’s most responsive simply because it’s so much closer.  And the decisions at city, town and county level often have a far greater impact on your quality of life.  The key word is, again, responsive.  The video above was recorded several months ago by Twin Falls County Commissioner Jack Johnson.  A direct response to concerns of his constituents.

It’s why we call it representative government.

For all the criticism recently of social media, there are times when it can be used for the good.  Commissioner Johnson this week asked for opinions on mask mandates.

Both the above video and the latest survey were posted on his official Facebook page.  As public attitudes evolve, the Commissioner is willing to listen.

Similar polls can be run by national figures through social media but counting responses could take months.  At the local level it’s an easier task.

None of this means everybody will be happy with the response Twin Falls County will reach.  But instead of getting angry maybe you can make a reasonable argument for your position, and as public attitudes keep evolving you may persuade someone else.

In these polarized times we need a reminder.  “My way,” only works in a totalitarian system and only for one or the few.  Sometimes I don’t get what I like after the votes are counted.  I don’t riot, loot and burn.  I prepare for the next election.  And locally, there’s an effort to at least hear your voice.

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