Wendell must have been in the back of the line at the paint store!  Actually, some of the wild colors you see downtown are quite eye catching.  It does more than get your attention.  It grabs it!  You get pinks, bright yellows and oranges.  And a green possibly not even listed in the color spectrum.

There was a similar splash of colors popularized in the 1930s under something called the Art Deco movement.  You’ll still see it in places like South Florida or adorning some diners sprinkled throughout the country.

I suggested yellow.  It reminded me of sunrise

When I was a teenager, I worked alongside my dad in building a new house for the family.  When he asked me what color I wanted for my bedroom, I suggested yellow.  It reminded me of sunrise.  A time of day I really, really enjoy.  He went along with my suggestion and with south facing windows it was like sunrise without being blinded, which east facing windows would’ve guaranteed.

My brother, always looking to needle the Old Man, requested black for his bedroom walls.  Dad didn’t need much prodding to reach DEFCON 2.  “What?!!!” he shouted.  My brother instead got a light green.  He also didn’t need any encouragement to reach DEFCON 2.  Then it escalated.  There was a big walk-in closet in his room on the east end of the house.  He pulled the mattress off his bed, threw it on the closet floor and slept there.  This standoff lasted for the next two years before my brother moved out of the house.  In between there was a lot of shouting.

My room was in the middle.

Anyhow, the color wars in Wendell are considerably calmer.  Unless, I suppose, you live across the street from some garish paint scheme.  I think some plastic flamingos are needed.

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