Sometimes you see something and want to stop but the clock works against you.  One summer afternoon a couple of years ago I pulled off a street in Wendell to answer my phone (I wouldn’t want to break the law!)  I was intrigued by the paint job at the business in front of me.  Grizzly Dairy Wear doesn’t much emphasize the grizzly on the outside, but you clearly get the bovine reference.

When I got home I posted the picture and the reaction was incredible.  A lot of people shared stories about the place and all were positive.  I haven’t been to Wendell in quite some time.  I’m rationing my own gas use.  So, I don’t know if I could find the same place open today.  I called the number associated with the shop and got a recorded message telling me the customer was unavailable.

On one business website, I read that the store had been making $300,000 a year!  300k in Wendell!  Good grief, I made the wrong career decision.

More and more I’m trying to drop by the unusual shops I see when I get out and around the valley.  Because it’s such a breath of fresh air from the cookie-cutter chain stores.  Some are fine but none are painted to look like the spots on a dairy cow.  Some are franchised but many are just corporate outposts and all have the same teenagers or twenty-somethings simply working there as a bridge until they find what they really want from life.

Grizzly Dairy Wear was different, it looked like the outcome of when somebody finds what they love doing.

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