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Apparently, buying butter contributes to the trafficking of indigenous women and girls.  More narrowly, buying Land O Lakes is the trouble.  Because the box has a depiction of an indigenous maiden.  So, after 90 some odd years, the brand is dropping the image.  She'll be replaced by pictures of cooperative members.  This follows the complaints of a liberal North Dakota State Legislator who found the image of the woman demeaning and racist.

You following me?  Men would somehow see this artist rendition, get aroused and then arrange to have young women and girls kidnapped from reservations.  For pleasure and then discarded and never to be seen again.

Look, human trafficking is a serious problem.  It's, in my opinion, a bigger scourge than COVID-19, however.  It doesn't get the attention of government because media doesn't pay much attention to the crimes.  But to blame a box of butter?

Aren't there more obvious targets of blame?  Politicians who don't respond because there's no media pressure come to mind.  A novel virus comes along and media says, "Do something" because government is supposed to be Mom and Dad.  Or has been since the days of Franklin Roosevelt.  If news media had the same drive on the issue of trafficking, politicians would take it much more seriously.

It has been impacting people in tragic and terrible ways long before this new disease and will continue to plague American tribal culture long after coronavirus is a historical footnote.

Meanwhile, we'll get butter boxes with exciting pictures of farmers standing next to bulk tanks.  Isn't America great?

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