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I guess I can break with the Republican Party after some of its walking dead endorsed a Democrat for state Attorney General.  Mainstream media had an orgasm when the turncoats announced they wouldn’t vote for Raul Labrador.  I guess that means we can all publicly be free agents.  I’ll still be voting for Labrador, but now I feel comfortable voting for Ammon Bundy.

Some of my friends claim Bundy is too extreme, but he’s not a liar.  Do you know what lying looks like?  It’s a candidate speaking during a TV commercial where he claimed he resisted pressure to lock down the state.  Where was that state?  Florida?  Remember, moms were being arrested for standing on playground wood chips.  Families were getting tickets when holding yard sales and in Twin Falls, guys driving around town in classic cars were being stopped by the cops.  As if somehow an old Thunderbird makes you contagious, even if you don’t step out on the street.

This happened because Brad Little got orgasmic playing God.

What really worries these gold dang RINOs is losing their grip on power.  Their campaign sponsors feel the same way.  Let me remind you, Labrador won by a double-digit margin over a guy who held the job for two decades.  Had there not been a spoiler in the race for Secretary of State, Dorothy Moon would be on her way.  Had a couple of other candidates received some better campaign advice, they could have also pulled out a victory.

Bundy may not win, thanks to the image of a monster created by mainstream media.  It can’t help but tell fibs.  One editorial writer last week called out Bundy for not wearing a mask at a high school football game.  Dude, he was outside the fence.  Your kind like to omit the details.

I’m fed up with the news media.  I’m fed up with RINOs.  On November 8th I’m going to vote my conscience.  More of you should try it.

Oh, and click here to see the endorsements from the teachers’ union.  All the usual tax and spending suspects.

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