Jim Guthrie insists he’s a Republican.  It says so on his page on the Idaho Legislative website.  He’s also proposing giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens.  The Senator from the Pocatello area has been approached by the state Dairymen’s Association in favor of the idea.

First, I sympathize with farmers.  It’s what generations of my family did, including my parents before I was born.  My two oldest friends are dairy farmers.  They’ll attest to a labor shortage.

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People are also smoking dope but we aren’t in a headlong rush to legalize recreational marijuana.

Guthrie, who may get some campaign funding from the association, claims illegal aliens are already driving in Idaho.  True!  People are also smoking dope but we aren’t in a headlong rush to legalize recreational marijuana.  People drive drunk.  We aren’t in a rush to approve drunken driving.

Guthrie tips his case when he says “undocumented” instead of “illegal”.  It’s verbal sleight of hand.  It’s what I’d expect from liberals who come up with new words to obscure arguments they would otherwise clearly lose.

Two other points worth noting.  A lobbyist with the Idaho Dairymen’s Association once identified as a liberal in a newspaper story.  There certainly are a lot of those coursing through Idaho!  There’ll be more if illegal aliens start voting.  Guthrie claims they wouldn’t be allowed to cast ballots but a two-tiered license system would be called out as discriminatory by the ACLU types.  Because liberals claim people are stigmatized and hurt feelings is a grave offense.

The Senator is right on one count.  If the federal government would get off its dead bottom and clean up the guest worker program, we might solve this without licenses.  Possibly Guthrie is trying to encourage the effort but this is the wrong approach.

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