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I’m not sure Jim Guthrie is really a Republican.  The Idaho State Senator is promoting driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.  Now the Idaho Freedom Caucus says Guthrie is promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants.  You can get details by clicking here.

Does Guthrie represent his constituents or the narrow interests of lobbyists?  If it’s the latter, the man is a tool.

The backdoor approach to amnesty is being couched in a labor shortage.  Farmers and ranchers struggle to find hands and now they tell us they won’t be able to put food on our tables if we don’t turn lawbreakers into citizens.

I know you’re already struggling with inflation, but would you pay a bit more for milk and potatoes in order to maintain the rule of law and national sovereignty?  What other powerful lobbies are going to lube Guthrie’s future campaigns with donations to get what they want, even if it runs counter to our values and any notions we still hold about the rule of law?

If we wave a fig leaf and make thousands of people citizens in one stroke, how many more will get word and flood across our southern border?  We need to also mention most won’t make much money as they depress your wages.  Most will end up in line for government-sponsored healthcare.  Do you think we have problems affording Medicaid right now?  The rest of us will be subsidizing cheap labor.

If they end up voting, you can be sure the majority will vote for even more government goodies.  Which means they’ll bloat the ranks of the Democrat Party.

This suggests Guthrie, with a history of liberal sexual mores, is a Republican in name only.

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