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A farmer from Elmore County told me once he hired illegal aliens because they showed up on time and every day.  He had grown tired of hiring high school kids who would vanish after two days.  He would try and round them up by going to their houses.  Mom would open the door and explain her boy was tired.

When I was a teenager, haying was considered good preparation for upcoming two-a-day football practices.

I know times have changed and the younger generations all appear lazier than what came before.  I realize farms and ranches need the hands if we’re going to maintain cheap food on our tables (inflation is enough to deal with when shopping).  But I can’t get my mind around driver’s licenses for people in the country illegally.  Not undocumented.  That’s a liberal media word meant to whitewash lawbreaking.

State Senator Jim Guthrie is a Republican.  He’s the main sponsor of a bill that would grant illegal aliens in Idaho licenses for driving.  He has the support of the agriculture lobby.

Arguments in support of the bill are that people working here after crossing the border illegally are already often driving.  We’re told the special license will have a distinct shape and won’t be used for voter identification.  We’re told it will lower the number of uninsured motorists.

You can offer me all manner of assurances.  I still fear that each time we chip away at our sovereign foundation we inch closer to a North American union and the loss of our republic.  All because a handful of politicians would rather represent the donor/lobby class than their constituents.

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