Organizers for a 50-year high school reunion are looking for classmates from the Twin Falls graduating class of 1974. If you or someone you know graduated in Twin Falls in 1974, the organizers want to get in contact with you.

I will have to say that is one amazing thing about social media, you can cover long distances and get information quickly. So according to one organizer, these names are the ones that they have been unable to get in contact with:

  • Ruth Althouse
  • Ron Bailey
  • Kathleen Baty
  • Lisa Baumann
  • Kristy Brink
  • Robyn Christensen
  • Marc Cole
  • Ernie Dickinson
  • Brian Evans
  • Ron Finch
  • Connie Halby
  • Kathy Kelley
  • Randy Manske
  • Darla Marker
  • Anne Mauck
  • Patty McClenny
  • Steve McCullough
  • Ed Neale
  • Ricky Neumann
  • Mark Olson
  • Myra Olson
  • Margaret Pont
  • Jeri Sabon
  • Jim Schmalen
  • Swen Schreckenberg
  • Scott Smith
  • Pam (Romans) Storey
  • John Thompson
  • Nanette Tullis
  • Barbara Walker
  • Cathy Walker
  • Reed Walker
  • Jane Williams
  • Bob Wilson

If you know any information about these people you are encouraged to contact and let them know any details you may have. It has to be hard 50 years later when you aren't sure if people have gotten married, changed their names, gotten divorced, whatever.

It would be absolutely amazing if we could get everyone possible from the class of 1974 together for their 50-year reunion no matter where they may be located. So this is a call to all social media users in the Twin Falls area. If you know these people, whether they are your mom or dad or grandparent, let them know that the class of 1974 is looking for them so they can celebrate 50 years later. It should be one heck of a party.

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