TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – A human skeleton has been found in the South Hills, according to the Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office.

A hiker found the skeleton near Langford Flats, and authorities are working to identify the person to whom the skeleton belongs. The skeleton is currently at the county coroner’s office.

“We suspect who it might be but we haven’t done DNA or dental testing yet,” said Coroner Gene Turley.

If DNA testing is done it could take six to eight weeks to receive the results, he said, while results for dental testing would come back over a day or two. Testing will begin Thursday.

Besides the missing left foot the skeleton is fairly well intact, Turley said. The office plans to inventory the bones to see what others might be missing. If there’s anything the warrants further investigation the bones will be sent to Boise for examination.

The skeleton was found Monday evening, Turley said, and arrived at the coroner’s office on Tuesday.

Sheriff Tom Carter said a male went missing in the South Hills in late 2014 and was never found, though his pickup was, and so he believes the skeleton may belong to him; but without confirmation no name is being released.

The skeleton was found about a mile outside the original search area, he said.

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