Yellowstone National Park is notorious for the tourons who try to get too close to the wild animals. Every once in a while you get those videos that show that these wild animals are just hanging out at home with their families, enjoying themselves, just like we do. Baby animals in the wild and baby animals domesticated are both equally curious and cute.

In this adorable video you can see the big bison hanging out and minding its own business, but the baby bison are starting to get a little feisty. You know, as bored children do. Once big bison is out of the way and has his back turned, the shenanigans begin!

I always knew how fast bison were but even baby bison are surprisingly quick. It is crazy that an animal so large and, quite honestly, non-graceful can move so quickly. Watching these two baby bison race each other just makes my heart happy. Kids will be kids no matter the species.

This is also a reminder that while in national parks, you must respect the distance between you and the wildlife. You and going into their home and you need to respect that. The person filming this encounter did so at a safe distance and the animals were not threatened. Going next to a big bison, male or female, with babies around is just not a good idea.

However, it is nice to be able to see videos like this and encounter wildlife without ever having to leave our homes. These two are the cutest.

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