It is the best time of year to sit outside and enjoy a delicious meal while taking in some fantastic views. If you are looking for restaurants that have great food and great patios you have come to the right place.

One of the best views and best food in town is Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center. Their food is great but the view they have is truly spectacular. I dare say it is the best view in town. They have some great happy hour and drink specials too if I don't say so myself.

Elevation 486 is another restaurant that has a stunning view. Even when the weather is poor it is hard to not want to sit out there. The food is great and again, some good drink specials. I could sit there all day and people watch or watch the BASE jumpers.

Milner's Gate has a gorgeous patio, it is a cute view to Downtown Twin Falls. It may not be the best views of the canyon but it is fun to people watch down there and the food is stellar. The outdoor seating is just quaint.

Koto Brewing has probably the most interesting "outdoor" sitting mostly because it is a giant wall door thing that can be lifted up. You aren't really sitting outside but you get the sun shining and the feel of enjoying an outdoor meal. Again, food is delicious.


2nd South Market is an up and coming outdoor seating area that we are excited to see the completion of. It will eventually have heated areas, outdoor seating and events. Plus you will be able to pick and choose the meals and drinks you want from all of the vendors. Super excited for this one.

The ABC's Of Twin Falls Restaurants

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