With fall comes the tradition of gathering the family, friends heading out to a pumpkin a pumpkin patch. Looking for a great pumpkin? Bring along a camera and capture the deep golden colors of the season; the perfect backdrop for a family photo. You’ll find it! Here are a few of the area’s most popular patches, so mark your calendars, Halloween is coming soon!

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    Proost Family Farm- Twin Falls

    October 1-through Halloween | Hours: 11 am-7 pm Monday-Friday, 8 am 2 pm Saturday | 2794 Addison Avenue East, Twin Falls | (208) 733-2326

    Pumpkins: 19 cents per pound

    Now in its third year, Proost Family Farms is again looking forward to opening its Addison Avenue property up for some rural-like, harvest time fun. With pumpkins to the pick in the field or already conveniently gathered, this location gives both families and decorators on the go what they want! In addition to pumpkins, sold by the pound, Proost also offers those final touches you’ll want for your fall-themed décor: earthen colored Indian corn, gourds and more! “We’ve pretty much got everything,” said owner Jay Proost. Just seconds off the hustle and bustle off Blue Lakes Boulevard, you’ll want to make this a pre-Halloween destination.

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    The Landers Pumpkin Patch

    October 1-through Halloween | Hours: 11 am - 7 pm Monday-Friday, 8 am – 2 pm Saturday | 2794 Addison Avenue East, Twin Falls | (208) 733-2326

    Pumpkins: 19 cents per pound

    Dan and Doreen Landers have been welcoming visitors to their sprawling country property consisting of seven acres of pumpkins, six acres of squash, two acres of Indian corn and one-half acre of gourds. This little pumpkin patch has been greeting visitors for 25 years with pumpkin varieties running the gambit and with more gourds to boot! If you like to decorate with squash and hay, the seasonal harvest is also for sale. "It all started originally as a boy scout project; my sons were needing a merit badge in gardening and farming," Dan Landers said. "So they learned how to run a tractor and also learned they could make money selling the pumpkins." That first half-acre pumpkin patch laid the ground work for what would become a great supplemental income source for Lander's children and a worthwhile hobby for Dan. "It's a decorator’s paradise. We have 14 varieties of pumpkin, 9 varieties of squash, 15 different gourds and a mix of ornamental corn," he said. Prices start at a quarter for the tiniest Jack Be Little pumpkin varietals to around $30 for decorative stalks of pre-cut and bunched corn.

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    Crismor Pumpkin Patch

    September 25 through Halloween. | Hours: Daily, dawn to dusk | 1748 East 4100 North, Buhl | (208) 543-4953

    Pumpkins: 25 cents to about $10, depending on size

    It's all about the honor system at this small patch just east of Buhl. For over a decade Leonard and Diane Crismor have let visitors visit their patch and pick the pumpkin of their dreams. Just put the money in the box and enjoy. "We get a lot preschools and even people just driving by, even people from Alaska or truckers on their way home that stop by and take pumpkins home," said Diane. "We have had some challenges, people taking the money out of the box….or the entire box but we've got it set up now so the post and box is secure." Their greatest fun in running the patch is seeing little kids pick their prize and that is what keeps the couple planting pumpkins in the small field year after year. "The little kids will take the biggest pumpkin they can carry," she said. Their patch is also available for folks wanting some great fall photos, she said. Prices for pumpkins run $1 to $5, depending on size. The Crismors also sell a limited amount of small straw bales and a variety of decorative gourds; prices to be posted at the patch.

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    Robin's Pumpkin Paradise

    October 1through Halloween and by appointment before and after | Hours: Daily, dawn to dusk | 270 North Worthington, Oakley | (208) 862-7835

    Pumpkins: 50 cents to about $7 for decorative gourds and pumpkins, although specialty items available for more

    Robin’s Pumpkin Paradise is truly that- a pumpkin paradise. With some 20 acres of land in Oakley dedicated to the patch and festivities around harvest and Halloween making the drive will be truly worth your while. “We have day cares, schools, families, groups of friends- a little bit of everyone come out and have a really good time,” said Wayne Bench, who runs the facility with his wife Robin. Upon moving back to Oakley after over 20 years in Reno, Nevada, Wayne decided to follow a dream and planted a pumpkin patch- his inspiration is obvious throughout. In addition to decorative crops for sale (even warty pumpkin, gangly gourds and spindly corn) the plot is perfect for fall portraits. Towards season’s end, customers can even purchase the Benches’ 400 pound pumpkins used for picture backdrops. Plan a trip for a Saturday afternoon and chance are, weather permitting, you’ll be entertained with live music and tempted to stay longer with free pumpkin bowling, straw and corn mazes for the kids and tasty catered treats for sale.

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    Christensen Pumpkin Farm

    October through November 7 | Open daily: Hours TBA | 612 East 200 South, Burley | (208) 654-4101

    Pumpkin Price: As displayed

    Get down to basics and nature with this pumpkin patch pick your own field in Burley. A trip to the Christensen pumpkin patch has become tradition for many in Cassia County. Stop by and see why!