It’s winter in Twin Falls (finally), and with the cold weather comes awesome, fun outdoor activities for the whole family! (Hooray!) But with that also comes snow, rain, slush, biting winds, frostbitten fingers, and influenza. (Hooray?) So if you’re stuck inside with those pesky winter blues, here’s a list of the five best ways you can shake ‘em off indoors!

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    The Herrett Center is located on the College of Southern Idaho campus, and boasts not only awesome exhibits for the whole family (natural history, art, and astronomy), but there’s also the planetarium! Every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday there are show rotations in the planetarium of everything from education to rock concerts! Ad it’s not only a great place for the whole family, but it makes for an excellent date as well. Admission to the museum is always FREE, whereas to see a planetarium show costs next to nothing. Call 732-6655 for more details.

    Herrett Center/CSI
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    Located on Shoshone St. in Twin, Hands On is the paint-your-own ceramics studio where even the most artistically-challenged of patrons can create masterpieces! Cost is dependent upon which piece you select to paint, but it makes for hours of fun for everyone. And it can be very relaxing as well, if you’re still trying to relieve some post-holiday stress. You can make gifts, things for your home, and even usable dishware. A memory made at Hands On is definitely worth the time and money spent, and it gets you out of the cold. I also really love going to Hands On because I feel like I’m in a really big city at some cool artsy place. Call 736-4475 for more information.

    Hands On
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    Want to race go-carts? Head to NazzKart. Want to play cheap rounds of pool for hours? Go to NazzKart. Want to play mini golf? NazzKart. Climb a rock wall? Ride a mechanical bull? Buy snacks? Play ping pong or Xbox or airsoft?! Let’s face it: NazzKart is the place to be when it’s too cold to be outside. Prices are reasonable and they’re open seven days a week. Call 733-RACE for more details!

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    Ah, bowling: a tried and true sport. It may not sound like much on the surface, but bowling (at least in my book, and I have an awesome book) really does lead to hours of fun. You can go one-on-one, bring a group, have your own personal tournament with some friends, or even play by yourself. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s challenging at times. Plus, the shoes flippin’ rock your socks. Literally. Prices are reasonable, and they have a snack bar too! The Bowl-a-Drome is located on Eastland Drive. Call 733-0369 for more info.

    Team Bowladrome
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    If you’re a local Twin Fallsian, you surely remember the awesomeness that was Treasure Cove. And then Treasure Cove died. Years later, another awesome place arrives in our humble town called Laser Mania and suddenly every birthday party I ever had or went to at Treasure Cove came rushing back to me and I… must… play… laser tag. And not only does Laser Mania have laser tag, but it has mini golf and an arcade just like Treasure Cove did. Prices are super reasonable and they’re open Monday through Saturday and is conveniently located on Filer Ave. in the Lynwood Shopping Center. Call 733-0773 for more details.

    Laser Mania