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Judging by all the decorations in the place, they arrived a long time ago.  Just not the kind mainstream media like.  The wretches in Idaho’s newsrooms prefer mainline denominations that ignore whole swaths of the Bible in order to sanction the latest sexual fads.  What really annoys the so-called journalists are the people that actually follow the book.

Funny, I was at the Capitol last week as legislative members were sworn in for the upcoming session.  The Senate Chaplain prayed in Jesus' name.  I guess the prayer is considered nebulous because he left Christ open to interpretation.

Also, keep in mind admonitions against such things as theft have a biblical basis and carry over into our modern laws.  This isn’t an accident of history.

I read an editorial from a liberal spewing vomit that condemned the Idaho Family Policy Center’s Blaine Conzatti as a Christian nationalist.  Conzatti says he has sponsors who’ll introduce a ban on drag queen shows in public venues.  The editorial writer claims that if Conzatti’s adherence to the Word of God actually took root, then people of other faiths in Idaho would become second-class citizens.  The writer cited members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as potential victims.  Do the people in newsrooms actually know anyone of faith?  Aside from Unitarians, United Methodists, and Wiccans?

Ask any of your LDS neighbors if they’re Christians.  They’ll answer yes.  Observe most of your LDS neighbors and you’ll see they conduct themselves as Christians and exceptionally decent people.  Ask them what they think of drag queens and groomers and you’ll get the same answer as you would get from Conzatti.

What must really frighten the left-wing media are the new legislators who are open about their faith.  On the Senate floor, I recognized our own Glenneda Zuiderveld, Scott Herndon, and Dan Foreman.  The latter previously served in the Senate and after a break has been returned.  These three put God above party and they put their neighbors, state, and country above party.  It makes some in the establishment squirm because the news media frowns on tradition.  And you also have those legislators who say they must represent everyone.  What?  Including bank robbers, killers, and child molesters?

Get over it.  Not everyone votes for you.  Look across the aisle.  Do you think the Democrats share some notion that they can satisfy every last Idahoan?  Political parties represent varied interests.  Currently, Idaho is an overwhelmingly Christian, conservative, and Republican state.

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