Let’s start by saying the problem originates 1,100 miles away—the rough distance between the southern boundary of Idaho and the border crossing near Ciudad Juarez.  The Mexican drug cartels control the dividing line between Mexico and the United States.  It isn’t any three or four-letter agency administered far away in Washington.

Joe Biden’s border policy, or lack thereof, has made the cartels profitable and powerful.  They absorbed much of the domestic illegal drug trade long ago, and are now consolidating gains.  Woe be anyone who gets in their way.  No border = No security.

A corollary to the metastasizing strength of the cartels is the willingness of some Americans to buy the products.  Plural, because the gangs long ago branched into human trafficking and extortion.  This works because there are enablers on this side of the border.  The so-called pandemic response likely exacerbated the demand for the wares sold by the cartels.  Some beaten down and demoralized people are looking for an escape.

Is there a solution?  Legacy media answers no.  Yet, we see countries around the world where walls and guns have turned the tide.  The bigger question is do we have the stomach for a response?  A little organized violence at the southern border could save some lives in Idaho.

Let the liberals squeal.  Appeasing them isn’t the duty of government.  The main responsibility is to protect the people of this country.  Defense is one of the few enumerated powers established by the founders and not a global welfare state.

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