State legislators are going to consider tougher laws for the possession and sale of fentanyl.  You should find the idea has strong support across party lines when the session opens on January 8th, 2024.  Fentanyl is a leading killer of people between 18 and 45.  Tougher penalties could keep some of the criminal traffickers at bay, but we’re in the center of a transportation network run by cartels based south of the border.  Check out this link from the Daily Signal, which is following up on a story by a solid weekly newspaper in Oregon.

With Highway 93 and the Interstate running through the Magic Valley, dealers use our local roads as a conduit between the largest cities in the Northwest.

Considering Idaho remains the last holdout on strict laws against narcotics and other illegal drugs, our neighbors have opened the door to traffickers and made our lives miserable.

This is also a result of a porous border that the current incompetents in the Biden White House won’t solve.  The socialist President of the corrupt Mexican narco-state believes the open border and the drug running isn’t his problem.  Donald Trump would sit on the guy or threaten to use a saber.  It makes one choice easy for me next year.

I’m hopeful the crowd in Boise won’t dither.  If the federal government is AWOL, then the crowd at the State Capital needs to send a message.

While I would approve of executing fentanyl suppliers, I realize that would never fly because the liberals and whiners at the ACLU would intimidate legislators.  But our country's future is at stake.

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