Politics makes strange bedfellows is an old political axiom.  You have many marginalized groups who claim they’re in sync with the Arabs in their latest war against Israel.  But some of those Arab Muslims don’t want to share a bed with the rainbow crowd.  An English newspaper known as the Express had details over the weekend.  A fellow with a rainbow flag showed up at a large rally in support of Hamas.  It appears the Muslim demonstrators threw him a beating and stomped on his flag.  Liberals have a steep learning curve.

In Idaho, we don’t have any of the massive protests taking place in large cities of the Western World.  Until a month ago, our main security concern was fentanyl and potential violence from drug cartels.  All due to a southern border still wide open as we’re on the cusp of World War Three.

But an old question has been resurrected.  Idaho remains a focal point of refugee resettlement.  Who are all of these people?  How many could be members of sleeper cells, awaiting instructions from the Mad Mullahs in Iran?

We simply don’t know, because the intelligence apparatus has been focused on white guys who own Gadsden flags and go to church.  The political opposition!

If one bad apple took out the Perrine Bridge in the name of Hamas, my part of southern Idaho would be up the river without an oar.  The last two and a half weeks have made it clear.  The enemy of modern civilization is the same as it was 20 years ago.

If diversity makes us stronger, then why do we remove mussels from waterways?  Or invasive species of fish from lakes?  Or worry about cheatgrass in fire season?

Idaho’s small cabal of liberals needs to decide what side they support.  You’re either with us, or you’re against us.

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