It’s all Joe Biden’s fault.  Oh, you’ll have people pointing to expectations of the economy bouncing back.  OPEC flexing its muscles and companies dialing back production in order to focus on alternative fuels.  Your good friends in mainstream media and the Democrat Party (I know, I’m redundant) will claim it’s unfair to blame Biden.   Yes, but for the last 12 months they told me the coronavirus pandemic was all Donald Trump’s fault.  I’m simply using the same standard for judging politicians the left employs.

Blame it on Joe.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the increased cost at the pumps.  Over Biden’s first 49 days in office I recorded a 54 cents a gallon increase for regular at the gas station closest to my home.  It’s all Joe Biden’s fault.  He didn’t help by closing down construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.  Which is actually more environmentally friendly than alternative methods of moving oil.  And it will be moved.  The Canadiens, a supposedly more left-leaning people on average than Americans, want to sell oil and there are buyers.

Wait until the Green New Deal gets off the ground!  One regional leader of the Idaho Republican Party told me last fall seven or eight dollars a gallon won’t be out of the question.  We’ll complain about the spike, he explained, but there won’t be other alternatives beyond being angry.  Blame it on Joe.

A financial planner and I happened to be having lunch one day ten years ago.  He shared low fuel costs may have stopped the Great Recession from being a repeat of the Great Depression.  The low costs were brought about by fracking.  It was a technology despised by the Obama White House.  Since it was taking place on private lands and with private enterprise, Obama had the luxury of denouncing the practice while at the same time reaping political benefits.  Joe may reap something not nearly as beneficial.


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