No surprise that Boise is ranked among pet friendly cities in the country. Where did we land overall?

WalletHub has the details on each cities and how it ranks for our furry friends. I will tell you we are tied with Anaheim California and come in at #30 in the country. They took a lot of factors in to this survey, animal medical costs, dog parks, pet health and wellness, walkability and more.

Our highest ranking came from our outdoor pet friendliness. The Treasure Valley and Idaho in general is very pet friendly in the outdoors. Something we have talked about in the past is that we have the #1 dog parks per capita but we are tied with 5 other places, to include New York, Portland, San Fran, Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.There is no doubt that from dog friendly establishments, to dog parks and dog events we have so many things that cater to animals.

Owning an animal isn't cheap and they go into that as one of their key metrics.

Source: WalletHub

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