Just remember what he did to that guy Hans.  Don’t mess with Bruce Willis!  The Camas County Planning and Zoning Board has moved forward the airport plans Willis and his associates have proposed building.  Tuesday night’s vote was 3 to 1 in favor of sending the recommendation on to the Camas County Commission.  Willis and his partners aren’t seeking any government goodies or tax dollars in their effort. 

Willis has long been invested in the area, from owning a movie theater to large homes.

With increased interest among tourists in some of the local resorts in both Camas and neighboring Blaine Counties, the airport could pick up some of the slack.  The airport in Blaine County isn’t by any means large and some tourists find landing in Boise or Twin Falls to be a bit too far away.

The proposed landing strip had in the past hit roadblocks.  Four years ago there was a major hurdle to clear.  The land was zoned agricultural.  There are also numerous stories about neighbors asking for money in exchange for the airspace above their property.  The latter would appear to be an even bigger hurdle for those property owners.

Willis has long been invested in the area, from owning a movie theater to large homes.

This isn’t the only resort project he’s looking to develop.  He’s working on some proposals in some tropical regions.  It appears he’s well-traveled and has an interest in making the travel simpler for visitors.

While some are opposed to any development, these projects are job creators.  And more tourists create work for local people.  Local jobs also mean local people needn’t move hundreds or thousands of miles away from families in order to get a job.  Which is a challenge throughout rural America.


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