The Buhl School District found out they are receiving a huge grant, totaling $100,000, from the Target Corporation and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. As part of a $5 million donation to K-12 schools, Buhl was one of two school districts and 48 schools chosen to receive the money.

Viewers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show were asked to submit the name of the school they think deserved the grant and explain why.  A community member submitted a letter detailing why the Buhl School District could use the extra money, and they were rewarded.  The school district is not sure what they will use the money for quite yet. A few of the others who received the grant are the Joplin, Missouri School District, which was devastated by a tornado in May of last year, and Erik Ramstad Middle School in Minot, North Dakota.  Minot was devastated by major flooding in June.