Illegal Crossings Take Place Along Mexico/Arizona Border
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I came across a fascinating idea this morning about paying for the southern border wall.

Ask Americans to sponsors bricks.

Erick Erickson is a radio talk show host in Atlanta and founder of the Resurgent website.  On-air I’ve suggested we have a tax on migrant workers paid by Mexico because the politicians there claim the United States is a safety valve, however.  Some in the agricultural community maintain they would end up footing the bill.

Erick had a caller with a very unique idea.  Ask Americans to sponsors bricks.  Even if bricks aren’t literally used, there are options for signage and the like and even advertisers could post billboards along the wall on both sides!  Back in my hometown, there is a memorial walk near my old high school.  On one of the bricks is engraved my father’s name.  My sister paid for the sponsorship and it helped establish a children’s playground.

Americans are an imaginative people.  This week, we had callers suggesting the city of Twin Falls create a fund where people could contribute small or large sums for pothole repairs.  The border wall idea goes well beyond filling a hole in the street.  It allows patriots to make a statement.

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