The school board of a southwest Idaho city voted this week to prevent state activist Ammon Bundy from being in attendance at any district events after he caused the cancellation of a high school football game earlier this month. Bundy was asked repeatedly to wear a mask while on the grounds at his son's football game and refused, resulting in the halftime cancellation.

Ammon Bundy is a name many people are hearing a lot in recent weeks. Bundy's 2020 brushes with the law began back in August, when he was forcibly removed from the state capital building after refusing to follow rules set in place for COVID-19 safety. This resulted in a temporary ban from the property. Police escorted Bundy out of the building while handcuffed to a chair.

Most recently, Bundy's noncompliance over a mask mandate at his son's October 2 high school football game in Caldwell, resulted in the city's school board voting Tuesday to prevent him from attending further district events unless prior arrangements have been approved, according to details shared by

Idaho is among several states that have seen a spike in cases of Coronavirus in recent weeks. The state currently remains at stage 4 of the COVID-19 reintegration plan.

The ban against Bundy by the board came in the form of a unanimous vote, and will be enforced for the remainder of the school year, according to

Ammon Bundy is the son of Cliven Bundy, the cattle rancher involved in the 2014 armed standoff with Nevada law enforcement over grazing fees.

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