federal government shuts down
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Just how far will Lefty go to prevent a Donald Trump Presidency?

Speaking of threats what will be Lefty’s next move?

First the liberals sowed doubts by claiming the FBI tilted the Election.  Then they claimed the will of the majority was ignored by the pesky Constitution.  Or we were all racists or idiots in need of re-education.  Now it’s blame Russia and have Hollywood communists demand the Electoral College fold its tents.  Or the Electors are threatened.  Speaking of threats what will be Lefty’s next move?  Will he summon one of the millions of deranged Democrats to remove the obstacle to his revolution?  History shows us left-of-center parties, when denied their dreams of domination, will react like cornered beasts and lash out violently.  A subject of discussion today on Top Story:

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