It’s not going to change the outcome in Idaho, albeit, the state’s 14 liberals are probably looking for a new candidate, but Joe Biden sealed the end of his career on June 27th, 2024.  Columnist Peggy Noon wrote it was the worst performance in the history of presidential debates.  I would include a link, but it’s behind a paywall.

There’s a lot of talk from Biden’s now former media allies about replacing him as the nominee of the Democrats.  The thing is, one fellow with a law degree says that can only happen if Biden agrees to step aside.  Have you ever tried to have that conversation with a relative with dementia?  People are stubborn.

Which leaves us with a cabinet-level decision.  Biden’s team can invoke the 25th Amendment.  Kamala Harris then becomes President.  She’s only slightly less incoherent than the boss.

Then if her fellow travelers try and usurp her claim to the nomination, the party can then try and explain what it has against women of color!!!  This is the return on an evil investment.

The 25th Amendment is the best solution for the country, even though it could complicate the Trump campaign.  CNN claims one hundred million people tuned in at various stages.  And then there was an international audience that included China, Russia, and Iran.

The world is a dangerous place and currently, there’s a vacancy in the Oval Office.  Mischief makers are waiting for an opportunity.  For the good of the country, Joe Biden must go and he must go now.

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