My station carries Bern Shapiro’s radio program.  A decision was made before my input counted.  I would simply prefer Matt Walsh.  I worked with the latter many years ago and appreciated his devotion to faith, family, and traditional values.  He backed down to nobody.

I guess you could say the same about Shapiro, but Matt is the blue-collar guy, whereas Shapiro grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth and never knew want.  People like Ben believe they get normal people because “Mumsy” got them a job one summer parking cars at the country club.  He’s like a junior version of Rich Lowry, neo-cons with 13-inch shirt collars constantly beating a war drum.

This is the club Tucker Carlson was a member of during his bow-tie days, then he had an epiphany.  His exposure to rural life in Maine appears to be what changed his worldview, and I would argue for the better.

I heard Shapiro last week railing against Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin.  Or once I slowed down the recording.  Tucker is being lambasted by the War Party for his comments about a safe and clean Moscow.

Do you suppose you would ever see illegal immigrants beating the snot out of a Russian policeman?  If it happened, do you believe the aliens would be giving the finger the finger after being released without bail?

How many carjacking crimes were committed last year in Moscow?  I don’t have the answer, but I know you would define it as an epidemic in Washington.

If Shapiro is salivating for the next war, then how come he’s never volunteered for the armed forces?  Or don’t snot-nosed rich boys fight?

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