Californians know when they travel outside their state they're often viewed as creatures from outer space.  It's not fair, I suppose, but a handful of crazed descendants of flower children have been poor ambassadors.  It leaves people in other states often with a sense of suspicion.

This story summed up the prevailing view in Idaho.  A retired college professor from California is struggling to adjust, according to the piece, which originated in the Los Angeles Times.  It doesn't appear to occur to her that she may give off an air of condescension.  

What are they bringing aside from pomposity, pestilence and pot?

The Times had a follow up opinion column this week where a writer warned us to get over our hostility because, by gosh, they'll be coming in droves!  As if the threat will better relations between the clashing cultures.

Much of the current animus in Idaho comes from skyrocketing home prices.  Native Idahoans can no longer afford to live in their old neighborhoods.  Oh, and when they get here they tell us we don't have good restaurants, guns are bad and we need more wind turbines.  In other words, we need to be California.  Once the locusts denude one field, they simply move on to another!

What are they bringing aside from pomposity, pestilence and pot?

Let's get back to the housing issue.  Bloomberg explains we're in for a rough ride when the fruits and nuts import their housing habits.  You can read it by clicking here.  Or you might enjoy this from National Review.  Or this.  And just imagine, walking down the streets of Idaho, you'll soon enjoy this import:  A homeless man in California doused a woman with a bucket of warm feces.

Now why would any of us want to participate?  We should adopt a new slogan and post it along all highways leading into Idaho:

"Welcome.  Unless you're a condescending, pompous, stinking, poop tossing, dirty Californian S,O.B.  No exceptions!!!" 

Oh, and did I mention everyone in Idaho owns several guns?

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