This is great on so many levels. A guy from Canada visited Twin in April. He brought his new drone with him. What happened made me laugh big-time.

Guessing by the name of his Vimeo channel that his name is Charles Mitchell. Charles came to Twin and ended up in Centennial Park. You can tell that he and his drone haven't really done much before.

Where to start, Charles? First of all, it seems that he's a little confused about where Twin Falls is. Charles thinks he's in Hell's Canyon. Not quite. He's in Centennial Park.

Google Maps

Along with the sights and sounds of our Canyon, Charles gets some real nifty pics of himself, too.

Charles Mitchell via Vimeo

You have to love guys like Charles. He's not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone and try new things. Plus, he waves at his drone at the beginning of the video, so you know he's a friendly dude, too.

Cheers, Charles! Hope you (and your new drone) enjoyed your stay in Twin.