HELLS CANYON, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho conservation officers had to euthanize a mountain goat that had been shot with a crossbow in Hells Canyon. The injured female mountain goat, or nanny, was reported to the Citizens Against Poaching hotline and on social media which helped the Idaho Department of Fish and Game locate it south of the Hells Canyon Damn.

Officers found several bolt (short arrows) wounds on the nanny goat, one in the middle of the animal's forehead, one in the left shoulder area, and one lodged in the animal's throat which may have prevented it from eating and drinking properly. “It’s difficult to look at the photos of this mountain goat, think about the needless suffering the animal endured and not be angry,” Fish and Game regional supervisor Jon Rachael said. “Shooting this mountain goat with a series of crossbow target bolts is one of the most egregious, cruel acts against Idaho’s wildlife that I’ve witnessed in my career.” The goat was taken to the Fish and Game's Wildlife Health facility for a necropsy.

Idaho Fish and Game is asking people to report anything associated with the attempted poaching of the goat to the Citizens Against Poaching hotline, 1-800-632-5999. Hunting of mountain goats is highly regulated and at the time the hunting season for them was closed.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Idaho Department of Fish and Game

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