I hate scammers, they are not only criminals but their victims tend to be older or fearful. The Cassia County Sheriff Office warns about a scam of people claiming to be officers and threatening arrest if the victim does not pay fines.

Please rest assured that you will not get a phone call from an officer if you missed a jury trial or if you have a warrant. An officer will never threaten arrest over the phone if you do not pay fees and they will never accept gift cards.

The caller is even going so far as to claim they are Sheriff Heward. Please know that an unexpected message through phone call, text, email etc claiming you will be arrested if you do not fill out your personal information for the police is a scam. Police likely already have your information and if an officer actually wanted to arrest you, the last thing they would do is warn you about it or threaten you.

If you are still not sure you can always look up contact information provided to you through the messages or call the Cassia Sheriff Department itself to see if they did in fact contact you. Stay safe during this time from all things. Just because the virus is out there does not mean that scammers have taken a break.

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