ALMO, Idaho (KLIX)-Castle Rocks State Park is looking to lease out some land for cattle grazing this summer. Idaho State Parks and Recreation announced it is taking applications to lease several acres of land for up to 55 cows with calf pairs from early September to early June.

Part of the park is what is left of one of the oldest cattle ranches in the Almo Valley, with cattle being raised there since the 1870's. The master plan for the park calls for the continuance of cattle grazing amid the granite rock formations. Fees from the lease will also help offset the $7,000 annual cost of operations.

People interested in leasing pasture at Castle Rock State Park can call the park for instructions on how to submit a bid at (208) 824-5911 and talk to Wallace Keck. Bids will be taken until March 8, at 3 p.m.

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