ALMO, Idaho (KLIX)-A pond at Castle Rock State Park near Almo will have to be closed off to the public because of illegally dumped goldfish. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, the fishing pond at the park will be closed starting January 20 until sometime in early May so biologist can use a substance called rotenone to exterminate the invasive goldfish along with all other fish in the pond. “It’s unfortunate that we have to close public access to the Castle Rocks State Park fishing pond, but it’s necessary since goldfish were illegally introduced there” commented Tucker Brauer, Regional Fishery Biologist with the Magic Valley Region in a statement from Idaho Fish and Game, “This is our only recourse to re-set the pond to support sport-fish that anglers love to catch.” Rotenone is a plant-based toxin used commonly for fish control in the country, according to Idaho Fish and Game. A similar situation happened in a Wood River Valley pond where goldfish and fathead minnows were removed with the substance in 2020. The agency is working with Castle Rock State Park to remove the goldfish and stocking of the pond will resume after the operation is over. Idaho Fish and Game says goldfish are hard to get rid of once they become established in waterways. It is illegal to move fish to areas where they do not belong and those responsible could be forced to cover the costs associated with removing the fish; plus introducing a non-native fish could lead to felony charges.

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