Living in a beautiful place like Idaho can often be taken for granted when you have lived here your entire life. The beautiful mountains, the sunsets or a little thing like seeing so many stars can be seen as just a part of everyday life when in reality it is a luxury. Sometimes you need to just take a break from all the work and enjoy the surroundings, and there is an event that is perfect to do just that.

Luminary hike and winter celebration

Castle Rocks State Park will be having a luminary hike and winter celebration on Friday, December 17, and Saturday, December 18 at Almo Park from 7 PM to 9 PM both nights. The event will be a self-paced half-mile hike around the lake and will be lit up by luminaries.

Stargazing, bonfires, and hot chocolate

The event will include a bonfire, hot chocolate and pending on sky conditions, stargazing, constellation viewing, and planet viewing. The event is free but they ask that you donate at least one can of food to the Idaho food bank to attend. It is recommended that you dress warm and wear boots. If snow is in the forecast, snowshoes will be available to rent, or another canned food item can be used to rent the shoes as compensation. 

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If you enjoy the outdoors and want to take in the beautiful Idaho night sky while walking around a lake lit up by luminaries then don't miss the opportunity to experience this beautiful event. Take in and enjoy your surroundings and enjoy a warm fire and hot chocolate as you step away from work, stress, and holiday shopping, and enjoy the beauty Idaho has to offer. 

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