Environmentalists must be bumming.  U.S. oil production isn’t just booming, it’s re-ordering the global economy. Rystad Energy is offering some details with analysts who believe continued production could even wipe away $22 trillion in national debt!

As an export, oil could wipe away trade deficits, yearly budget deficits and the overall massive debt.

Twenty years ago the “greenies” were warning of peak oil and pump prices of $10 a gallon by 2005.  Then the shale oil revolution began.  Slowly.  No one was paying much attention ten years ago as the dramatic change picked up steam.  Now the United States brand of crude is highly sought after.  It’s easily converted to gasoline.

Here’s a question.  Would you trade a couple of inches of sea level rise (which, as I understand, we’re not seeing yet) for energy independence, profit and national security?

An energy self-sufficient nation won’t need to police the planet and instead can concentrate on making our lives better.

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