I’m typing on a keyboard that contains petroleum products.  The same for my mouse and mousepad.  The computer terminal contains petroleum-based products.  The same with the telephone to my right and a large coffee that was a gift from the College of Southern Idaho.  The jars of salt-free peanut and almond butter (and the lids) come from oil.  The olive oil and vinegar salad jar, along with a Powerade bottle came from the same stuff.

A friend posted a video on Facebook, which shows a man in England confronting some anti-oil demonstrators.  As he admonishes them, they avoid eye contact, and some stare at the pavement (petroleum-based too!)  He explains the clothes they’re wearing wouldn’t exist but for the oil revolution.  Then he tells them they’re wasting gas as traffic waits, and if they really want to make a difference, they can go live in the forest.

I took some prescription medicines this morning.  I’ll take more when I get home.  Without them, I would probably already be dead (if liberals prayed, they would be praying that I be called home as soon as possible.

Modern civilization would collapse within hours if we ceased oil, natural gas, and coal use.  The tree-hugging left appears to believe we could all live in the forest and prance around in pagan bliss.  Of course, many of them would be dead in days and all that would remain would be primitive tribes scrounging for grubs.

Northern climates like Idaho would quickly be strewn with corpses.

No great books.  No heat.  No coats.

No recorded music, no smartphones, no TikTok, and no Tide PODS to snort.

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