Have you ever come up with a food flavor combination that works so well that you wonder how the rest of the world has survived up until that point without it? Like the person who first said 'pineapple on pizza with pepperoni (not ham, yuck) is going to be the best thing ever' was an inspiration to the culinary world, you can be that inspiration to the coffee creamer world. Chobani is looking for the next best creamer flavor. Is it pineapple and pepperoni flavored creamer? Probably not, but maybe that somehow works and it is the next big thing. I don't know.

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Chobani wants the next great flavor idea to come from you and if your idea is top notch, you'll get paid. The winning flavor choice will get $75,000 with runner up prizes of $15,000 and $10,000. That's just for coming up with the idea. You don't need any special skill in flavor identification or chemistry combinations, just an idea for a great coffee creamer flavor. Dill pickle creamer, motor oil, avocado essence? Any of those might work, go ahead and submit them and see what happens.

Chobani has a been a great addition to the Twin Falls community, and really all of Idaho, since they opened their plant on the outskirts of town. They have donated money and computers to our community and they recently gave $20,000 to help restore the defaced Anne Frank Memorial in Boise.

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